Construct and deconstruct. Beauty is intermediary.
 David van Slooten (Almelo, 1994) works as a designer. He graduated from the Product Design department of the Willem de Kooning Academy and earned his master’s degree in Design Cultures at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. David’s practice focuses on making objects that respond to the processes inherent in our designed surroundings. Being informed by both theoretical frameworks as well as the body-knowledge, David seeks to find a reciprocal relationship between the thinking and making processes. Herein, he considers the hands as an important tool to negotiate and mediate between the two. In the process of turning material into a work, the material is always shaped in respect to the original surroundings. By means of arranging both shapes and materials, David responds to our designed environments and human relations with land, landscape, nature and spaces. He does this by revealing the unevenness behind these (nowadays) designed surroundings, or by returning to primordial techniques and showing the transience in man-made objects.

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